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Cockroaches or cockroaches in the house or in a structure can represent a serious risk of infestation, for this reason it is good to know how to recognize and eliminate them.

Regularly cleaning and sanitising the house and securing food sources may not be enough to prevent some pests from entering the home.

In fact, it is sufficient that the areas surrounding the structure are invaded by these pests that, driven by exploration, enter the domestic areas through tiny passages, crevices and access routes in hidden corners.

In case of the presence of ootecas or roach eggs, it is necessary to act promptly to prevent the phenomenon from worsening while preserving the hygiene and safety of man and the environment.

In fact, these pests are dangerous to health, as they can contaminate food and transmit diseases. It should also be borne in mind that they reproduce very quickly and can therefore spread rapidly, creating a serious infestation in a short time.

Just think that a female specimen can produce more than 40 eggs and cause a serious invasion.

The finding of cockroaches in the house could also indicate the presence of these cockroaches’ eggs. The first step to defeat their appearance is in fact to proceed to the discovery of the eggs in order to completely eradicate these pests. It should be borne in mind that cockroaches, in order to make their eggs safe, do not lay them in accessible areas but prefer the most hidden and difficult to reach corners so that they are protected.

That is why we must first of all look for them. The cockroaches are divided into several species, and according to each of them even the ootecas could be different. The most common cockroaches in Italy tend to lay their eggs inside the ooteca, which is a sort of shell that has the task of containing eggs that can be more than 40.

A female specimen can reach even more than 50 ootecas for each brood, and depending on the type of cockroach it can take from 20 to 80 days to hatch. So it takes very little to find your home completely invaded by cockroaches.

How To Eliminate The Cockroach Taverns?

If there are cockroaches in the house, it is essential to remove their eggs as well. The do-it-yourself remedies available on the market can be a valid aid for the elimination of the adult specimen but they may not guarantee the same results as regards the presence of eggs, bearing in mind their reproductive speed.

With the use of these products it is possible to get rid of the presence of some adult cockroaches, but the phenomenon would persist and once the eggs hatch, it will be necessary to start all over again.

Once identified, they must be removed manually and completely destroyed to avoid the risk of them hatching in the place where they are thrown.

At this point, once the beetles’ eggs have been removed, the area must be thoroughly disinfected and it must be checked that there are no other specimens or other ootecas in the adjacent rooms.

However, this solution does not guarantee the complete elimination of the cockroaches and it is advisable to always rely on specialized companies, thanks to which professionals in the sector can effectively solve the problem and establish the presence or absence of further ootecas in other areas.

To come across even a single specimen of cockroach in the house is a significant event not to be overlooked, and may prove to be the spy of a phenomenon capable of worsening within a few days. Proceeding with a targeted and specific control is the first step to avoid the risk of infestation and to protect your health and your home.

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