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The garden is our oasis of peace and quiet, where we can all immerse ourselves in a handkerchief of nature and enjoy all its benefits. Shade, scents, flavours, in the gardens we find everything from ornamental trees to plants and even shrubs of fragrant herbs; there are those who prefer succulent plants, those who prefer minimalist gardens covered with English lawns and those who have a real passion for trees and end up recreating their personal grove in a few square metres.

The Gardens reflect very much the character of those who own them, but for everyone there is a constant, a beautiful garden is always a source of pride and pride. Many people neglect them, also because of the tedious maintenance and we all know that in autumn the leaves start to fall and become a real invasion.

This problem can be curbed and well reduced with the introduction of evergreen trees and plants, which will be green all year round, thus requiring less maintenance.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are plants that have their annual vegetative cycle with awakening and germination in spring, flowering, lush green summer and often falling leaves in autumn followed by rest in winter.

Ornamental trees are the essential elements for setting up and decorating any garden, thanks to their flowers and colourful leaves. Their presence is decisive for the creation of both public and private parks and gardens.

In this article we suggest you some of the most beautiful and suggestive ornamental trees that you can find in all the Garden Centres and Nurseries of Italy and that are proposed, with a detailed card full of beautiful photographs, in the volume “Trees and Shrubs” of Collana del Verde, in the section dedicated to “Ornamental Trees”.

The Magnolia. It belongs to the Magnoliaceae, genus which includes more than 80 different species of Magnolias; even before the germination of the leaves they produce large flowers, with fleshy and very perfumed petals, in spring they fill the air with their fragrance. Among the trees are those with the biggest flowers. If you choose the summer flowering Magnolias, you will also have an evergreen plant, while the spring ones are deciduous;

Hibiscus. A tree of tropical origin, yet some variants have adapted well to lowland climates, withstanding minimum temperatures of -10/15°. It produces enormous and colourful flowers of the most varied forms, all shades of pink and red are now available on the market, with possible variations in shape. In full bloom, the hibiscus are an explosion of greens and bright colours, a real pleasure for the eyes;

Aesculus or Horse chestnut. A common tree in our gardens, it produces inedible chestnuts and has large five-pointed star-shaped leaves. In spring it produces an intense flowering in clusters, which stretch upwards in intense shades of pink or white. It is a deciduous plant and in autumn it shows all the changes of the season, in fact the leaves become first yellow, then reddish and finally detach creating an explosion of colours even in the transient seasons;

Prunus or flowering cherry. The flowering or ornamental cherry trees, are excellent garden trees that, never reaching a large size, are perfectly suited to small spaces and small handkerchiefs of land. From March to May begins their impressive flowering, they create real bunches of flowers with single or double corollas that fade into delicate and soft pink. The leaves range from green to purple to yellow and red in autumn before the fall.

Useful Tips For Growing Trees

When buying a tree for your garden, choose the right season: autumn or spring are the best times, but above all choose potted plants and never bare-rooted; the latter are more delicate and require a lot of attention even after laying. Buying in a pot guarantees a quick and trauma-free rooting for the tree, which will soon expand its roots and start to grow strong and luxuriant.

The trees can be combined with real evergreen plants that will make the garden luxuriant even in winter: Pothos, Ivy, Oleander and why not rosemary bushes, will give a touch of greenery even in winter, combined with the plants you will have a garden always pleasantly lush.

Remaining on the winter theme, if you don’t want only bare trees, you can alternate them with some small pine trees, so you will have an evergreen with a bright color that in the Christmas period you can also decorate to brighten up your garden.

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