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Imperator: Rome

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Imperator: Rome

Imperator: Rome
  • Platform: Linux
  • Genre: Simulation,  Strategy,  Early Access
  • Release date: 4/25/2019
  • Developer: Paradox Development Studio
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Imperator: Rome Review


Imperator: Rome is a real-time strategy developed by Paradox Interactive. The game was released in 2019. Imperator: Rome is available for PCs only. There are plenty of reviews on Steam, but they are mixed.


Rate: 4

The graphics are not the best part of this game. You will not see those epic battles. Imperator: Rome is not about beautiful landscapes. It is about global planning and a strategic mind. The graphics can be compared to the picture of the Total War series's strategic map or the latest generations of Civilization.


Rate: 5

You have freedom of action in this game. You can take command of any Roman party and lead it to victory. The game includes many important events that have their historical prototypes. You will start in the weak Rome, surrounded by friendly and hostile tribes and states. Your main goal is to conquer them and to glorify the Roman Empire.

Developing an empire such as Roman is not an easy task to do. You will have to fight your enemies outside the borders as well as make all your best to be the true leader inside Rome. Imperator: Rome is about all. You will need to develop your cities, cultural influence, expand the frontiers, build new trade routes. You will also need to find allies as it is very hard to conduct wars with all the neighboring states.

The only goal that you have in this game is to make your empire flourish. You can achieve this goal in many ways. You don't necessarily need to capture all the lands. You can create unions instead.


Rate: 5

You will need a keyboard and a mouse to play this game. Mouse clicks can do most of the actions. However, there are also some important short keys that you can use to make fast decisions. Imperator: Rome offers a very flexible settings system allowing you to set up your controls on your own.

Replay value

Rate: 5

If you have played previous Paradox games like Crusader Kings II, you will fall in love with Imperator: Rome. The game has very high replay value as there is no single way to win. You will use many skills to succeed. If you have ended the game once, you will want to replay it in the future. Moreover, there are plenty of addons that will allow you to visit various ages and countries.


Imperator: Rome is a historical real-time strategy where you will take Rome's command and make it the greatest empire ever. You can buy the game via Steam for $18.49.

The bottom line

You will like this game if you are a fan of historic real-time strategies. Imperator: Rome holds many interesting surprises that you are going to discover during the gameplay.

  • Many ways to achieve the goals
  • Expanded diplomacy feature
  • Interesting gameplay allowing you to manage the whole empire from your PC
  • Various historical characters.
  • Lack of epic battles
  • The graphics are above average.

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