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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Genre: Adventure,  Puzzle,  Action,  Indie
  • Release date: 9/29/2014
  • Developer: Frogwares
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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments Review


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments was developed by Frogwares. The game came out in 2014. It is available on PCS and consoles. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments are very popular among gamers. It has more than 2,000 positive reviews on Steam.


Rate: 4

The in-game picture looks outdated. This is normal as the game was released in 2014. You don’t need a modern video card to run it. Even so, the graphics are good. You will feel this atmosphere of Victorian London even if some textures or effects do not meet your graphics expectations.


Rate: 5

Have you ever dreamt about investigating crimes? If yes, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments is really what you need. There are several cases in this game that you need to investigate. You are going to face murders, thefts, and other criminal elements. Your main goal is to complete all the missions and to solve all the puzzles.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments give you great freedom of action. You can choose the way you are going to investigate crimes. Sherlock Holmes has 14 various skills that you can apply to succeed. You will need to make interrogations, name guilty parties, etc. All actions you do will influence the future of your in-game progress.

During the game, you will need to collect pieces of evidence. They will be used later during the investigation and trial. However, there is one thing that may disappoint you. Even if you have gathered all pieces of evidence, you may understand that they are not enough to close the case. Yes, sometimes Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments lack logic, and this is one of the disadvantages of the product.


Rate: 5

You can choose your controller depending on what platform you play. For PCs, the best way is to use a keyboard/mouse combination, for consoles you can use a gamepad. Moreover, you can set up buttons to make your combinations.

Replay value

Rate: 4

The game includes various cases that you will need to investigate. There are many interesting quests and puzzles inside. You are likely to restart it again once you have ended Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments. However, we can’t say that the game has very high replay value.


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments is a very interesting quest game made after a famous novel. You can buy it via Steam for $17.99 only.

The bottom line

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments are designed for all detective fans. You will enjoy it if you have ever heard about the famous investigator.

  • Many interesting quests
  • Various extraordinary skills
  • Plenty of intriguing cases
  • The unique atmosphere in the game.
  • Some pieces of evidence lack logic
  • The game still has bugs.

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