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  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Genre: Adventure,  Free to Play,  Indie,  Simulation,  RPG
  • Release date: 10/1/2019
  • Developer: 4G
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NGU IDLE is an indie adventure game, developed by 4G. The product came out in 2019. This game has plenty of positive reviews. It is available on PCs only. NGU IDLE has many fans across the world. The game is very attractive despite very simple graphics and ideas. You can find many positive reviews from the gamers on Steam.


Rate: 4

The graphics are not the most important part of this game. NGU IDLE is more about a sense of humor than about visual effects. All the activities take place on a single screen with rectangles and icons where you can choose characters and various items.


Rate: 5

What is this game about? You are going to fight with various enemies. However, you shouldn’t expect some real-time combat and other similar things. Here you are going to choose all the necessary equipment to win the battles.

The game’s main advantage is that you have plenty of choices. Every character may be equipped with various items that have a key impact on the combat results. You will have to fight with the bosses. NGU IDLE offers more than 300 hand-drawn characters.

You are allowed to unfold some items and equipment during your game progress. You can upgrade them and even upgrade the upgrades. Progress bars will show you your health status and the readiness of your equipment. Once you have prepared everything for the battle, you need to click on the Battle button. You will be able to monitor the progress with various indicators.


Rate: 5

As for the controls, you will use a mouse and keyboard to play this game. This is the only controller type you will be offered there. However, it is more than enough as you can do all the actions using your mouse. There are no settings inside the game, but you don’t need any. Just move the mouse and click, drag&drop. That’s all!

Replay value

Rate: 5

The game has very high replay value. By the way, you need to spend months to complete all the tasks. And even if you win in the majority of combats, you will enjoy the battles again. Some users say they have seen only a quarter of the game’s features after a couple of months of playing it.


NGU IDLE will be interesting to all the fans of adventure and indie games. You can download it for free from Steam.

The bottom line

NGU IDLE is a very interesting game designed for all idle fans. You have plenty of opportunities there, including various types of weapons and equipment. NGU IDLE is free. You can download it and play without paying a cent.

  • The game’s idea is excellent.
  • There is a lot of fun there.
  • Plenty of items and equipment pieces to use.
  • Interesting combat concept.
  • Average graphics.
  • No multiplayer modes.

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