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Kingdom Under Fire 2

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Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Genre: Action,  Massively Multiplayer,  RPG,  Strategy,  Adventure,  Indie,  Simulation
  • Release date: 11/18/2019
  • Developer: Blueside
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Kingdom Under Fire 2 Review


Kingdom Under Fire 2 is an online game developed by the Korean Blueside company. The product appeared in 2019. It is available on PCs only. Kingdom Under Fire 2 has mixed reviews on Steam. The game combines RPG and RTS genres.


Rate: 5

If you have ever played in Total War series, you will like the graphic in Kingdom Under Fire 2. The picture is great. You will enjoy picturesque sceneries and landscapes. Units are made with a focus on the smallest details. Graphic effects are also at the top. One thing that you may dislike here is motions. They are not smooth and look unnatural.


Rate: 5

The game combines elements of RPG and real-time strategies. The player has his army under command that he can throw into battles. Apart from this, you can participate in a single combat mode. Your army includes infantry, cavalry, and artillery. There are also some battle vehicles that you can benefit from.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 also has a multiplayer mode, which is the most interesting part of the game. Single-player campaigns become boring as the AI is well predictable. However, multiplayer mode gives every game a new life, and Kingdom Under Fire 2 is not an exclusion.

You will participate in PvP battles, including duel mode, arena, and mass combats. What are the options here? The game allows you to create your army from scratch. You can also choose your hero, who will take command and lead the troops to victory. There are many ways to win, and you will need all your smarts and skills to beat the enemies.


Rate: 5

The game was developed for PC, meaning you have not many controller options. The keyboard and mouse combination is what you have. However, this is the best solution for this game as the mouse is the best way to play real-time strategies. You can change control settings whenever you want if you find the default layout inconvenient for you.

Replay value

Rate: 5

The replay value is very high. Once you have done with a single-player campaign, you can start a multiplayer. Here you have plenty of options, and you need to do your best to win. Multiplayer is a very great feature giving every game a second breath. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is not an exclusion.


Kingdom Under Fire 2 offers you great gaming experience if you like real-time strategies and role-play games. You can purchase it via Steam for $9.99. There are some additional content packs that you can buy separately.

The bottom line

This game is a mix of the most popular RPG and RTS genres. If you are a fan of fantasy settings, you will definitely like Kingdom Under Fire 2.

  • Great combination of RPG and RTS
  • High-quality graphics
  • Various types of troops and vehicles
  • Rich multiplayer with various modes
  • Very high replay value.
  • In-game motions are sharp and unnatural.

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