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  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Genre: Action,  Indie,  RPG,  Simulation,  Strategy,  Early Access,  Adventure
  • Release date: 12/6/2018
  • Developer: Lo-Fi Games
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Kenshi Review


Kenshi is an open-world RPG game, developed by Lo-Fi. The product was released in 2018. The game is available for Windows PCs only. Kenshi has many amateurs across the world. It has received plenty of positive reviews on Steam.


Rate: 5

The game offers the original picture inspired by the legends. You will not find photo-realistic characters or landscapes here. However, the graphics are very attractive, and you will like it from the first moments you play this game.


Rate: 5

This is an open-world game with real-time strategy elements. The game’s scenario is nonlinear, meaning you can choose various solutions to a particular problem. All actions take place in a fantasy post-apocalyptic world where you will have to survive.

Your character has no special abilities at the beginning of this game. All skills can be updated later during the gameplay. You will have to complete various tasks, including thefts. By accomplishing those missions, you will boost theft abilities.

The player can hire other characters to expand his squad. Later you will be able to build your village. You can choose your character occupations. He can protect caravans that deliver goods between the villages, hunt criminals, or kill and rob everybody you meet. Kenshi world is 870 square kilometers of adventures and various tasks. The game has its environment and beautiful landscapes that you will enjoy by playing it.

The game has a very interesting medicine system that influences the gameplay. Serious injuries may lead to amputation, for example.


Rate: 5

You are going to use a keyboard and mouse combination when playing Kenshi. This is a PC game, and you have no other options. However, this lack of controllers types is for the better as the existing choice is very convenient. If you want to change something, settings are at your disposal.

Replay value

Rate: 5

You will lose yourself there. Eight hundred seventy square kilometers of gameplay is enough to stay here for hours every day. Even if you have dug far away, you will always be happy to restart everything and to choose another scenario. The replay value of the game is higher than you can even imagine.


Kenshi is a mix of real-time strategy and RPG. The game is very attractive and has many amateurs from all over. You can buy it via Steam for $14.49.

The bottom line

Kenshi will offer you so many challenges that you can’t even imagine.

  • Original idea
  • Great authentic graphics
  • Interesting story and a nonlinear scenario
  • High replay value
  • Smart AI
  • Various roles that you can choose.
  • No multiplayer.

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