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  • Platform: Linux
  • Genre: Action,  Indie,  RPG
  • Release date: 10/8/2019
  • Developer: Lab Zero Games
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Indivisible Review


Indivisible is an action RPG game, created by Lab Zero Games. This product came out in 2019 for the majority of platforms, including PCs and consoles. Indivisible has plenty of positive reviews on Steam and many fans across the world.


Rate: 4

The graphics are not the main aspect of this game. We have rated it four because the picture may look outdated in 2020. However, it includes many special effects that look outstanding. Moreover, the in-game graphics will make all those fans of 2D old school games happy. Moreover, you don't need to have an upgraded modern PC to play the game.


Rate: 5

The gameplay is the diamond of Indivisible. Here you will have to walk through various locations and fight against enemies. The plot of the game turns around Ajna, a girl who is trying to understand the goal of her mystical abilities. Many characters will join her during her dangerous trip to help her.

Ajna will get new skills during her adventures. Those skills will also help her to complete missions. The game is divided into two parts. While walking across the missions, you will have to overcome various obstacles. Be ready to jump, climb, run, etc.
Once you meet enemies, the game turns on the battle mode, where you will have to beat all the rivals by using your abilities. In the battle mode, you will see a special life bar below the characters, which shows how much "health" you, your friends, or enemies have. Once the bar is empty, the character is dead.


Rate: 5

The game was developed for various platforms allowing you to use keyboard/mouse or gamepads. There are also some settings allowing you to choose your buttons for particular actions.

Replay value

Rate: 4

We think that this game has above-average replay value. You will be pleased to complete all Ajna's adventures, but only the game fans will have this desire to replay it again. Multiplayer cooperative mode saves the situation as you can play together with your friends even on one device.


Indivisible is an adventure game for all fans of RPGs made in the old school style. It doesn't offer great graphics, but the plot is very attractive. You can purchase Indivisible via Steam. The game's price is $18.49.

The bottom line

If you are keen on adventures and RPGs, Indivisible may become another great game in your collection. You can play it on your PC, laptop, or on consoles. Indivisible offers many interesting missions that you need to complete in order to understand the destiny of the main character.

  • The game offers an interesting story.
  • You will be able to collect various items.
  • Indivisible allows you to create a team of characters.
  • There are plenty of attractive visual effects.
  • The game has above average replay value.
  • It is not available for mobile devices.

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