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Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna

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Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna

Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Genre: Action,  Adventure,  Indie,  Puzzle,  Simulation
  • Release date: 10/10/2019
  • Developer: KeokeN Interactive
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Deliver Us The Moon Review


Deliver Us The Moon is a scientific fantastic video game created by KeoKen Interactive. The product came out in 2018. The game has plenty of positive reviews on Steam and many fans across the world.


Rate: 5

Deliver Us The Moon has many advantages, and graphics is one of them. You will enjoy space and moon landscapes. The developers have paid particular attention to the details allowing you to feel like you are a true astronaut in the open space. You will enjoy the picture. Moreover, the game has average system requirements.


Rate: 5

Deliver Us The Moon will change your attitude to this genre of video games. You will launch a spaceship from the Earth to explore a space station and visit the Moon. You will have various types of vehicles to complete the missions.

The ruins on the Moon holds many secrets left from the astronauts of the past. You will need special equipment to discover the history of the Moon colony. Your single companion is an ASE robot. There are plenty of technologies available to you to help in your important mission.

What is this game about? It is hard to define the main goal there as you need to survive first. If you manage to stay alive in this hostile environment, you will have to explore the space and the Moon using various tools and your smarts. The gameplay is added with a great soundtrack, which underlines the atmosphere of the game.


Rate: 5

Deliver Us The Moon is a PC game meaning you are going to use your keyboard and mouse to play it. The controls are convenient. Even so, if you want to change something, the developers offer this opportunity by allowing you to change default settings.

Replay value

Rate: 5

This game is a masterpiece of the industry, allowing you to explore the space and to discover the secrets the Moon still holds. Even if you have completed all the missions there, you will be happy to replay it again despite its linear scenario.


If you want to take part in space adventures, Deliver Us The Moon is the best way to do it. You can download the game from Steam. This product costs $12.49. There is also an additional content pack that you can purchase for $6.29. It includes the original soundtrack to the game.

The bottom line

Deliver Us The Moon allows you to become a true astronaut whose main target is to explore the unlimited world outside our Mother Earth. You are offered various pieces of equipment and tools to complete all missions.

  • Great spatial adventures
  • There are plenty of tools to use
  • High-res graphics
  • Plenty of secrets that you are to discover.
  • The game is available for PCs only
  • There is no multiplayer mode inside.

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