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Schools are places frequented on a daily basis by a multitude of people, and for this reason it is of fundamental importance to guarantee students and all school staff a healthy environment in compliance with the hygienic-sanitary obligations provided for by the regulations in force. Maybe you want to know about pet flea extermination?

It is well known that insects such as cockroaches can be carriers of pathogens responsible for various diseases dangerous to humans, such as salmonellosis and cholera, and that direct contact with them or their remains can give rise to allergic reactions.

It is therefore unacceptable for controls to be relaxed in a place such as school, which puts the health of young people at risk.

It is precisely for this reason that, in the event of a cockroach infestation, compulsory pest control has been imposed from above in schools in order to make school leaders responsible for taking care of it by relying on companies specialising in pest control.

Why Is Pest Control Important In Schools?

The presence of cockroaches in schools is totally unacceptable, as it indicates poor control in an environment that requires maximum alert against pests that are harmful to the health of young and old alike.

Schools, due to their particular architectural structure, are ideal environments for cockroaches, which find here a perfect habitat to nest and thrive undisturbed thanks to the abundance of food and ravines in which to take refuge.

In case of sightings of cockroaches in the internal and external rooms of the schools, students, parents, teachers and all the staff have the right to alert not only the school manager but also the Municipality asking for a radical deblattization intervention and urging preventive and planned disinfestations.

Usually the management of this activity is entrusted to a company specialized in cockroach pest control that will promptly solve the problem.

Preventing Infestation

There are no regulations that impose the obligation of preventive pest control in schools, but when an infestation occurs, intervention aimed at bringing the environment back within certain health and hygiene standards becomes mandatory as an expression of the inviolable right to health enshrined in the Constitution. The Ministry of Health, with the Ordinance of February 10, 2012, has imposed that the operations of disinfestation and deratization are carried out by specialized companies so that no damage is caused to the health of people and animals.

Each cockroach pest control operation is preceded by an inspection of the premises in order to assess the extent of the infestation and to identify the most appropriate strategies for its extermination.

During the inspection, critical points are identified, such as, for example, the detachment of floor and wall tiles, gaps between masonry and pipes, water leaks, etc., which will be promptly reported to those responsible for hygiene so that they can carry out the necessary maintenance and repair work.

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