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Cockroaches, or cockroaches, can transmit quite serious diseases such as gastro intestinal infections, salmonella, hepatitis, dysentery, typhus, tapeworm infections and allergies, so it is important to intervene quickly if these insects invade the home.

The presence of cockroaches in the kitchen greatly increases the risk of infection; cockroaches release substances on the surfaces that, as a result of contact, can be ingested by humans.

Usually these insects settle in the bathroom and in the kitchen, attracted by water and food residues that represent their food.

For the disinfestation from cockroaches, it is not sufficient to resort to the common insecticides, but specific products are needed, therefore, in order to radically eradicate them, it is necessary to know well their characteristics.

Cockroach Pest Control

First of all, a thorough cleaning of the house must be carried out to eliminate all possible sources of food for cockroaches.

Certainly this is not enough, in fact they often sneak in from the outside and nest in hidden places, so the next step is to find cracks in the walls, plug the electrical sockets, the door jamb, and seal the cracks with putty or silicone.

On the market there are several insecticides for cockroaches in the form of gel, spray or powder that can be adapted to different needs: the powder insecticide is applied along the outer perimeter of the house (garden, terrace, street) to block the access of insects in the house, it is effective but dangerous for pets, moreover, because of its powdery consistency, it tends to disperse, does not fix for long and you have to repeat the operation frequently.

The spray is very practical because it can also be sprayed along the perimeter of doors and windows, thus preventing the intrusion of flying cockroaches.

The gel insecticide is the optimal solution, as it is sufficient to apply a small quantity (one drop) along the internal perimeter of the house, to attract the cockroaches, they feed on them and, returning to their nest, infect the other individuals of the colony. Moreover, the action of the gel lasts for months if it does not get wet, so a single application protects the house for a long time.

Another remedy on the market for the disinfestation are the cockroach traps, long lasting and rather practical. Sometimes cockroaches enter the house directly from the drainpipes, in this case it is necessary to intervene with chemical products sold in specific shops, to be poured into the toilet, seal with adhesive tape the openings of the sanitary ware and leave it to work all night.

If necessary the operation must be repeated, but it will serve to disinfest the pipes permanently.

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