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Cockroaches are the most disgusting of all pests. The reasons are very simple, these small animals in fact often inhabit the sewers and habitually frequent the garbage. For this reason being infested by cockroaches is really unpleasant and especially harmful to the health of both humans and pets living in the house.

But how can we recognise the presence of cockroaches in the house?

Of course, the first sign to take into account is the presence of cockroach droppings.

How to Recognize a Cockroach Infestation?

If it happens that cockroaches also manifest during the day then the infestation is even more serious. Infected when the cockroach colony becomes excessive even the need for food grows out of all proportion, forcing the cockroaches to expose themselves to find food and refresh themselves and the entire colony.

The presence of cockroaches can also be understood by the residues they leave in their nocturnal raids. The droppings are, for example, a glaring sign of their presence.

Often, however, they are not recognized by those who are not used to seeing them because they look like black powder that you usually end up cleaning without understanding where it comes from.

The droppings of cockroaches are similar to coffee powder and can easily go unnoticed.

How to Prevent Cockroach Infestations?

Cockroaches are creepy insects just by seeing them people jump shivering, let alone in the kitchen and pantry, environments that cockroaches particularly love.

These pests get the food that humans themselves use, but they also like animal food, so they come into direct contact with the food we eat and infect it.

How to Check for the Real Presence of Cockroaches?

If you suspect that you have been infested by cockroaches but you want to be sure of their presence before calling the pest control professionals, you can act in several ways.

Cockroaches are nocturnal animals so to see if they are in the kitchen or other place you can wait until the evening hours leaving the room you suspect haunted, empty and dark. Suddenly you enter by turning on the light and if there are cockroaches you will see them running to hide under the furniture or behind the appliances.

Another way to recognize the presence of cockroaches is to eliminate cocoa and coffee confessions from the kitchen, so that you can recognize the excrement in case you find any residue. This is to avoid confusion because the excrements of cockroaches are very similar to coffee and cocoa powder.

Therefore carry out a deep cleaning of the kitchen furniture and the whole room. after having carried out this operation if you find piles of black powder we can say that there is very likely a cockroach infestation.

Other Methods to Recognize the Presence of Cockroaches

Another way to find cockroaches and also prevent more cockroaches from forming is to check the walls, the skirting board and under the doors. These controls are used to locate cockroaches’ hiding places and to seal off any possible access to the house. Then you have to close each hole with silicone or plaster and place nets in the holes that serve as air intakes for the air conditioner or stoves. To close the holes under doors and windows, simply apply a brush or other type of adhesive air vent.

Cockroaches often nest inside kitchens and bathrooms because most of the time they use pipes to get inside the house; make sure your drains are in good condition! If the pipes are clogged, the probability of an infestation increases dramatically: that’s why we recommend a Pronto intervento Spurgo Roma!

A safe way to recognize the presence of cockroaches is to leave a slice of orange or pear on the floor or kitchen shelves, if in the morning they are gnawed and there is also a pile of excrement next to them there will be the certainty of cockroach infestation and a professional pest control must be carried out as soon as possible.

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