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Bach remedies, or more generally known as Bach flowers, are considered an exceptional form of alternative medicine compared to traditional medicine. These flowers were discovered by the Welsh physician Edward Bach, who later developed a detailed classification of them, attributing to each type of flower a specific subdivision and an appropriate therapy. The important thing to point out is that this flower remedy does not cure the disease. Even today these flowers are still on the market and their use is widely regulated by numerous regulations.

Bach Flowers: What Is It About

Bach flowers are a natural remedy that does not cure the illness of the individual. They are a subject much studied and taken in seasoning and precisely for this reason many experts in alternative medicine consider them as an aid to therapy and give it a great success. The principle behind this remedy is self-healing. It is about fighting and defeating the negative energies that can emanate from the personality of the individual. It is therefore proposed to cure the person and not the evil that afflicts him/her at a specific moment. Thus, by improving the mental well-being of the person one can put an end to his illness.

Numerous studies have also been carried out in the psychological field and it has been observed that the psychological well-being of a person is fundamental. It serves as a support for the physical well-being and to increase the happiness of the individual. If the individual feels well with himself, he is in fact immune to a whole series of undesirable mental problems. According to Bach himself, healing the soul of the person can also go to soothe the disease that will not turn into something much more serious. It is thought that these flowers have a preventive function on the disease by reducing physical symptoms and privileging the care of the mind, but Bach flowers are natural and homeopathic remedies.

Today’s composition includes a mixture of alcohol and water. This is mainly derived from Dr. Bach’s original method of collecting first the dew of the flowers and then the flowers themselves. Afterwards, he expected that the collected material would be placed under the sun’s rays or boiled in water, resulting to be odorless.

In today’s medicine they are not therapeutic for the individual. However, each flower has its own unique and specific characteristics. Each remedy is therefore considered completely unique and rare. The intake is oral and twenty drops of each product are generally recommended. Before the intervention with these Bach flowers, however, an informative interview with an expert in the field of alternative medicine is recommended. However, they have no scientific evidence and after numerous studies no soothing effects have been found in relation to the appearance of the disease.

The Bach Flowers: List of Seven Groups and Remedies

During his research Bach grouped the so-called 38 Bach flowers into seven groups, although this is not the only way to group these flowers. These groups in particular refer to the different ways in which an individual can relate to himself and how he can relate to others.


First you can refer to fear. It is the first negative emotion that the individual feels at an early age. It is a strong emotion that can lead to panic attacks or, in much more serious situations, to neurosis. Rock Rose and Red Chestnut correspond to this state of mind. Commonly referred to as Eliantemo and Red Chestnut.


Secondly, we can highlight the uncertainty. It, too, has been present since childhood and is the consequence of significantly negative moods such as depression. In this case the flowers to refer to are Wild Oat and Cerato, known as Oak and Plumbago.


Then we can highlight the lack of interest that an individual may have in the present.

This state can lead to serious obsessive pathologies and the estrangement from the reality in which the individual lives and the flower remedies are Chestnut Bud and Clematis, called Gems of Inoculanum and Clematis.


As a fourth group we can find loneliness. It also leads to a substantial departure from society and can lead to nervous stress. This group includes the flowers Heather and Water Violet, called Erica and Water Violet.


In the next group we find hypersensitivity to influences and ideas. Emotions such as anxiety, which can be the consequence of neurosis or food problems, are included and the flowers belonging to this “category” are Holly and Agrimony, known as Holly and Agrimony.


In discouragement and despair, on the other hand, we can run into cases of masochism and fainting. In this case, the remedies are the Crab Apple and Larch flowers called Melo selvatico and Larice.

Excessive Worry

As a last group we find excessive concern for the welfare of others. This leads to disorders such as insomnia or special cases of allergies. The latter group includes Rock Water and Chicory called Rock Water and Wild Chicory.

Each remedy has additional specific categories and gradations.

Useful Advice About Bach Flowers

These flower remedies should be taken in a manner appropriate and appropriate to one’s needs. It is also important in this respect to follow an appropriate intake procedure.

One must initially ask oneself whether the symptoms are present or not. You must then choose the right emotional category and the consequent remedy. The intake must then be accurate: in fact, it has a particular dosage of four daily fasting doses. Each week you can take a different remedy.

It is important to remember how Bach flowers are a floral remedy that serves to relieve symptoms, does not cure chronic diseases or those considered serious for the body.

Even if they have no contraindications and do not require precautions, it is still advisable to consult an expert before taking the particular Bach flowers. They are widely recommended to all those people who need to know more about themselves and their personality. Choosing the emotional category means knowing your own mind.

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